Stackable Energy- Tree Agate

How to use Stackable Energy: 

Stackables were made available so that you can obtain the energy balance you require for more specific needs.

Tree Agate is a very stabilizing crystal that will ensure a feeling of safety and security in the most challenging of situations.  It should be worn for long periods to restore the healing energies of nature. 

Suggested Pairings

You can pair Tree Agate with a quartz crystal stackable to amplify the energy of the tree agate.   Pairings with green serpentine and peridot will complement tree agate. 

    This Tree Agate Crystal Bracelet is available in sizes 7, 8 and 9; made with genuine tree agate.  All stackable energy is handmade, cleansed, and charged before shipment.  

    For wholesale orders to sell Kelli Coffee's Stackable Energy in your shop email is at

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