Stackable Energy- Lapis Lazuli

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How to use Stackable Energy: 

Stackables were made available so that you can obtain the energy balance you require for more specific needs.

Lapis Lazuli carries a very high vibration.  It is said to open your heart to unconditional love and is the key to spiritual attainment.  This crystal will also enhance dream-work and metaphysical abilities and alert you to psychic attacks.  

Suggested Pairings

You can pair Lapis Lazuli with a quartz crystal stackable to amplify the energy of the lapis lazuli.   Pairings with amethyst will make for a very high vibrations but once your use to the vibrations it will help to keep your vibrations at a higher level. Pair lapis lazuli with amber to create a protective shield preventing healers from taking on client's pain.  

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