Stackable Energy- Kelli's Pyrite, Black Velvet Tourmaline, and Quartz Crystal Bracelet

All Stackable Energy bracelets come Kelli Coffee branded with a jewelry charm, a small meditation crystal, a gift box, and an organza bag. 

How to use Stackable Energy: 

Stackables were made available so that you can obtain the energy balance you require for more specific needs.

Kelli's manifestation combination combines pyrite, black velvet tourmaline, and quartz crystal. These are Kelli's favorite manifestation crystals combined into one bracelet.  This bracelet was d designed to assist shielding with the Implant Removal Sessions.  

Black velvet tourmaline is the most effective blocker of curses, psychic attack, and ill-wishing.  It draws off negative energy and clears blockages.

Pyrite is an excellent energy shield, it blocks out negative energy and pollutants at all levels, preventing energy leaks from the physical body and aura, protecting subtle and physical bodies, and deflecting harm.  It creates a positive outlook and sees behind a facade to what is.  Pyrite is very fast-acting.

Quartz has a very high vibration.  It helps to enhance metaphysical abilities and attunes to spiritual purpose.  

 Suggested Pairings

I would wear Kelli's manifestation bracelet alone when working on manifesting, shielding, and protection.   

Kelli's Crystal Bracelet available in sizes 7, 8 & 9 made with genuine black velvet tourmaline, pyrite, and quartz crystal.  These are 6mm crystal beads.  All stackable energy is handmade, cleansed, and charged before shipment.

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