Multidimensional Healing Class


Prerequisite for class: You must have had your implants removed and have the ability to see with your mind’s eye (third eye, imagination) at any level.

In the classes, Kelli strongly encourages individual participation and student interaction as a learning tool to enable one another to become successful. The success of the individual depends on the support of those around them. Kelli encourages all students to be supportive of one another, requiring confidentiality of anything revealed in the classes. Each person grows and develops at different rates, so criticism of others is not tolerated. Only encouragement is allowed.

Having several different perspectives in a class brings about a better understanding and the learning process is sped up and enhanced. Understanding that there are thousands if not millions of ways to do things, each individual contributes a unique and creative way to use their gifts. Kelli requires the student to be open to other ways of doing things and trying something new. This may bring some people out of their comfort zones, but every journey that is worthwhile always starts in an unknown place.


Energy Healing (Multidimensional Healing)

Week 1:  You will learn the basics of energy healing.

Week 2:  You will master seeing into other dimensions, locating and seeing energy bodies. Also learn the meaning behind the visuals of the individuals and why people see different things when looking at the same object. You will learn about interpretation filters. You will learn to master interpreting the frequencies in other dimensions in a way that helps you to easily find the meaning behind the frequency.

Week 3:  You will learn how to access and work with the energy used in this type of healing. You will learn how to successfully go on the "journey" to access the healing energy. You will master the use of the aura as a way to expand your level of awareness.

Week 4:  You will master the use of the energy, how to work with it, feel it and how to determine if the client is handling the energy properly. You will learn how to work with clients in tuning their bodies to work better with the energy.

Week 5:  You will learn how to take a client on the "trip" through the universe, multiverses, the omniverse, the cell and outside the entity we live in. You will learn how to teach the client how to navigate beyond the end point obtained in the session. 

Week 6:  You will learn about the energy bodies and various ways to visualize them. You will learn how to manipulate the visuals of the dimensions to better work with them. You will learn the multiple meanings behind what you and the client see when you look at the energy bodies. You will understand the meanings behind color, shape and size.

Week 7:  You will master how to heal in different dimensions. You will learn how to send energy and how to see it work. You will learn how to set intention to leave the energy and keep it healing. You will also learn to use the energy through the hands and through the mind. You will learn the various visualizations to use to help the client work better with the energies and healing.

Week 8:  You will learn how to see inside bodies and heal the 3D body. 

Week 9:  You will learn the most productive method to conduct a session with a client, and how to manage time in a session.

Week 10:  Conclusion and discussion of homework. At this time, I will answer any questions you may have or review any material with you that we feel may need work. Your course curriculum assessment and certificate availability will be completed at this time. Some may need to complete further lessons to achieve certification level if the above criteria have not been met.

You will need a Google+ account. Classes will be done over a Google+ Hangout. Kelli will send you a link before each class. You will need to open the link in Google Chrome.  You will need to run a mock call because you might need to install a plugin. We can assist you in that process. You can also download the Google Hangout App from the App store on your smartphone or tablets. 

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