Alien Implant Removal and Much More

Removal of all Alien Implants and creating a shield of protection around you. I will educate you on how to remove them yourself in the future should you get more.

Requirements: You must complete the JumpStart session to be able to do the Implant session.

This is a 60 Minute session.  

Your session is not a pill you can take to make all your problems go away. Your session will not fix your lessons so that you will not have to learn them. Your session will not make those around you start to change and adapt to you. But...Your session will change your life if you want it bad enough. Here's how it works.
I remove your alien implants. I teach you an easy method to remove yours and the implants from other people. Want to remove implants from your pets, and children? I will show you how. I help you create a shield that will last the rest of your life. Strong shielding is the key to maintaining anything you do. Remember, if someone tells you this is complicated, they are lying or trying to manipulate you. A baby naturally breaths when it is born. If it's more complicated than that then it's probably not natural. The more steps to a system the more money they make. See if they teach you independence and creativity. Do they tell you to question everything you learned, even from them?
Change your direction. Change your mind. Choose to love. Choose to live. The day you stop pulling your emotions inside your body is the day you start living. You make the choice. It won't work if you don't determine that it will. You are driving your ship. Where are you headed? If you can't remember, I will show you where to remember. It's sailing. Let's get to work!
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You will need a Google+ account. Most sessions will be done over a Google+ Hangout. I will send you a link before the session. You will need to open the link in Google Chrome.  You will need to run a mock call because you might need to install a plugin. We can assist you in that process. You can also download the Google Hangout App from the App store on your smartphone or tablets.  If those methods do not work we can do the session over the phone. International phone sessions are available as well.  

You will be contacted by email to schedule the session.  Make sure your email address is listed in the "notes" section of the order.  We will use this email to contact you within 28-48 hours of purchase to schedule your appointment.  

Please know that upon payment and/or booking for a removal and healing you agree that the messages you receive are not to be substituted for any advice, treatment or programs from a licensed medical, legal, financial or psychological professional. I provide no guarantee or implied warranty and will not responsible for any interpretations or decisions made or actions taken by my clients.

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