30 Day Manifestation Challenge, January 6-February 14, 2020

Class time: 10:00am MDT

We will be forming a morning class.  Sorry, no evening classes this time. Jennie will find out your availability and get you into the perfect class!

This Challenge consists of 30 sessions at least one hour long. We will coordinate a time each day to meet in a group to work together doing the 30 Day Manifestation Challenge. Instead of 30 days in a row, we will be meeting Monday-Friday for 6 weeks and we will take the weekends off.

The first part of the session will consist of visualizations moving you toward what it is you want to manifest. I will teach you techniques that work and we will all do it together for support.

The second part of the session will consist of teaching you psychic techniques and life skills. I have included a rough outline of the 30 days below. It may be modified according to the needs of the group. I will teach you everything below and more, but it might just be in a different order than what I have written.

You have permission to videotape the sessions, but only for your private use so you can remember what to do. You do not have permission to share the video on social media or in any other forms in public. Nondisclosure agreements will be required for the class as many people talk about personal situations.

I simply can't wait to get started with you. I am going to be doing the challenge along with you so you will see my successes and failures as well. The last time we did this the people in the group connected and are still friends and stay in touch. This is not only a great way to manifest what you want, but to create lasting friendships as well. See you soon! Get ready for your life to change! You will never be the same!

This class is so popular that many people take it more than once to continue their growth and development in their personal lives, career, spiritual lives and manifesting.

Kelli Coffee

-When, Why, What
-Honest Self Assessment
-Support System/Sabotage-watch out for/try to ruin your efforts/ They don't want to work so they bring you down
-Go with the Flow/Wave example-ride the wave and not just let it hit you
-No one can do this for you. You have to do it yourself.
-Breaking Your Cycle/ Routine-Get out of your rut
-Eliminate All Outside Influence, not just negative/ Medi, Music, Advertising
-Unlearn Everything/ Re-Educate Self
-Expectations/ Rise to Level of expectations/Change
-Gratitude teaches you to live in the now/present
-Service-enslavement mentality/ Move to Contributor Mentality
-How the Mind Works Pictures/ Dyslexia
-Dyslexia, other labels, diseases, illnesses/ Reject names-what are they? Label yourself, get stuck. Body will follow mind
-I will be doing the challenge along with you. 
1)  Steps to Manifest/Write it/Visualize from beginning to end/ universe giving you every resource needed to accomplish goals
2)  Clean Your Closet/Why do this first? Your life will follow
3)  Shielding/What is it? How to do it/ Attitude                   
4)  Grounding/What is it/How to do it
5)  Emotions/Return to Factory Settings-Can't feel-too far away. Feel too much-pulled them into body/anatomy of emotions/body chart
6)  Programs/ Get rid of old and outdated belief systems learned from others and not discovered by you/How to remove
7)  Blocks/ Reasons you have not obtained what you want/ Mental Journey/How to remove
8)  Cords/ Healthy Boundaries/ How to locate and remove/Healing Technique-passive
9)  The Critical Mind/How to locate and remove
10)  Inner Child Work/Positive
11)  How to Stop a Racing Brain with Too Many Thoughts
12)  How to Minimize/Balance Overwhelming Thoughts
13)  How to Stop Out of Control Thoughts
14)  Implants/ How to Remove
15)  Chakras/ What are they and how to remove              
16)  How To Close Portals
17)  Expanding Aura/Awareness/ Bring Things To You- How To
18)  Beyond Matrix Journey past Omniverse
19)  Beyond Matrix Journey Beyond Omniverse to Ship and Entity
20)  Healing Using Energy Beyond Matrix
21)  Healing by Growing Organs Outside Body and X-Ray Vision
22)  Pain/ Body Chart- Held In The Body
23)  Focusing Techniques/ Pendulums, tarot cards, charts, Crystals and their roles as teaching tools
24)  Empath Help/ Imaginary Knob
25)  See and Hear Entities/ Controlling Psychic Abilities
26)  How to Connect With Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Information Grids, Energy/ Raise Level of Awareness.

27) How to read people's minds

28) DNA upgrades, Downloads, Etc., How to Get Them.

29) How to Raise Your Frequency Including Diet and Exercise

30) Conclusion

Class time:  10 AM (MDT)