Jump Start Session

This new session being offered will cover topics such as: moving the emotions outside the body, doing basic inner child work, removing blocks, removing cords, and working on obsessive and overwhelming thoughts.  This is more of a life-coaching session to help with these behaviors prior to having the implant and healing session.  For those of you who have experienced the implant and healing session and need a little extra help, this session is for you. 

This session is for 1 hour.  

I make sure you are aware that most systems out there are over-complicated ways of doing something easy. I help to show you how you can escape the ritual every step of the way. You will start to see how easy it is to use psychic abilities when you turn off your programming and stop limiting yourself. I teach you ways to use your creativity from the basic methods and practices I use. This is not a 17 step program. I take you back to you, so you eliminate each and every step. Stop being a slave to someone else's system. Find yourself and find your own.
The first thing I do is see where your emotions reside. Have you left them in their "factory settings" position outside your body, or have you pulled them inside your body? I give you easy step by step instructions on how to get them out of your body, and methods to keep them there. This dramatically changes your life for the rest of your life. Every decision you make is from the position of observation. You are not stuck. You can finally control your emotions 100% successfully. How much time would that save you in a week? Think about how productive you could be with just that one change in your life.
Are you connected to anyone or anything in an unhealthy manner? Some people call it attachments or cords. I teach you how to cut your own cord, and also how to help the person you just cut off. You will completely understand how to protect yourself from this ever happening again. This method allows for complete freedom for you, and a healthy boundary for those that attached to you. You will have an understanding of healthy and unhealthy relationships.
If you have put any blocks in place to inhibit or outright stop yourself, I will help you to locate and remove them. I will also assign you homework (voluntary of course) to rid yourself of all blocks you have in place.
Have you ever said, "I sound just like my mother!" You held on to programs your parents put in place that do not honor or serve you. I show you how to find and remove them. Relationships usually improve after the removals.
Dwaine Hartman is the expert, having 20+ years of experience working with you all in fixing the unfixable. He has taught me a few techniques in helping someone with their inner child work. I have 10 months experience and can help you on that level. If you need serious help, please book a session with Dwaine. I can help you with your basic inner child work in my sessions. I will teach you the technique so you can do it in your own time to save money.
As you can see, I teach you so many things that you start adding tools to your toolbox. When you are finished with the session you will have more than 5-10 new tools you can use to keep improving yourself and others. I do not give you a pill to help you forget you need to dig a hole. I give you a shovel and motivation so when you dig the hole you will be happy, healthy, organized, energized, fulfilled, creative, prepared, confident, successful and independent.
If you have runaway thoughts or compulsive thinking, I will teach you simple, quick and easy techniques to stop the madness. You take control of your issues. You can successfully stop and completely control out of control behavior. You just haven't been given the right techniques or tools yet. Do you say you've tried everything? Every person I see has tried everything, and finally, they found something that works. None of the hype and all pure fundamentals. No one will tell you I did it for them. They worked and fixed themselves. I am so proud of each and every one of them.
If you have any thoughts that are dominating your life, I will teach you a simple way to bring your problems down to size and be functional again. Only do this if you are ready. You will have to work, but the little you work will pay off more than you could ever dream.
I have found that a lot of you are stuck in thought patterns. These are not implants, but the habits you created to make your life easier. It is actually a lazy way to live life. That turns into an unfulfilled life. After you create a thought pattern, you create words to support it. You also put a guard in place so you won't hear yourself telling you how awful you are. You talk to yourself and degrade your character. You won't acknowledge you are actually telling yourself that. I help you to change that.


Kelli will call you at the beginning of the session. International phone sessions are available as well.  

You will be contacted by email to schedule the session.  Make sure your email address is listed in the "notes" section of the order.  We will use this email to contact you within 48 hours of purchase to schedule your appointment.  

Please know that upon payment and/or booking for removal and healing you agree that the messages you receive are not to be substituted for any advice, treatment or programs from a licensed medical, legal, financial or psychological professional. I provide no guarantee or implied warranty and will not responsible for any interpretations or decisions made or actions taken by my clients. I cannot help you if you are in crisis. If you are suicidal, I cannot help you since I am not a medical doctor. If you are feeling suicidal, please call 911 or call a Suicide Prevention number. If you are in the United States, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-TALK (8255), available 24-7. 


There are no refunds for this service, including any issues regarding software or any internet or hardware failure on your end, even if you cancel in advance. 

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