Personalized Ringtones

1 Personal Ringtone (30 Seconds): $25 

1 Additional Ringtone (30 Seconds): $10 each 

Add on Notification (under 10 seconds): $5 each 

Rules and Guidelines:

No Profanity, but substitute words can be used for profanity. (Dang, darn it, frack, shizzle, etc.)  

No Copyrighted Material 

Has to be approved. 

You will receive a refund if your ringtones and notifications are not approved.  

Up to 3 weeks for delivery to allow for scheduling studio time. 

You can have your own personalized ringtones, or have a few produced to surprise a friend!  Can't figure out what to give someone who has everything?  Do they have a personalized ringtone?  They will remember your gift forever!  Get a ringtone for every friend and family member you have on your phone so you always know who is calling without even looking.  

"Hey Kim!  It's your mom again.  You better answer you phone or you will get a guilt trip of  a lifetime!  Have you cut your cords yet?"

"Oh Gawd!  It's Steve Again.  You know he talks a really, really, really long time, so you might want to ignore this one."

"Don't answer the phone!  Shelly has not has her alien implants removed yet!"

You can even have me say inspirational phrases, words of encouragement, or...

"Get the frack out of bed and start your frickin' day the right way!  Visualize!  Manifest!  Don't forget to poop!"

"What are you waiting for?  Get it done, like right now!"

"Stop blaming other people for your problems.  Hit them instead."

 Enter your phrase in the notes section of the checkout cart.  You will receive your ringtones via email within 3 weeks.  


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