September 09, 2016


Kelli's Italian Meatballs Recipe

1 lb. Angus ground beef 

Kelli's Italian Meatballs Recipe 

1 lb. Sausage 

1 C Chopped Yellow Onion 

2 TBSP Chef In A Bottle Universal Seasoning 

2 TBSP Freshly Chopped Flat Leaf Parsley or Dried 

2 tsp. Oregano 

1 tsp. Rosemary 

5 Cloves of Garlic Minced 

2 Eggs 

2 C Bread Crumbs (toast bread and use cheese grater) 

1 Recipe Pommarola (Basic Tomato Sauce) 

Combine all ingredients except the tomato sauce.  Mix well with your hands.  Let set in refrigerator overnight.  (Don't skip this step!)  Form into balls and brown in skillet.  Place meatballs into over safe pan.  Pour tomato sauce over the meatballs to cover.  Bake at 350 for 35-45 minutes.  Meatballs should have an internal temperature of 135 degrees.  Remove from oven and let sit for 5 minutes before serving.  Enjoy!  

Kelli Coffee  

July 19, 2016


See Kelli In Sarasota, FL at the in5d Conference on October 15, 2016

Kelli will be participating in the in5d Conference in Sarasota, Fl on October 15, 2016.  For further information visit the link below!

July 05, 2016


What is an Implant Removal?

Some of you may be confused about what I do in my sessions. I hope this clears things up. Your session is not a pill you can take to make all your problems go away. Your session will not fix your lessons so that you will not have to learn them. Your session will not make those around you start to change and adapt to you. But...Your session will change your life if you want it bad enough. Here's how it works.
I make sure you are aware that most systems out there are over complicated ways of doing something easy. I help to show you how you can escape the ritual every step of the way. You will start to see how easy it is to use psychic abilities when you turn off your programming and stop limiting yourself. I teach you ways to use your creativity from the basic methods and practices I use. This is not a 17 step program. I take you back to you, so you eliminate each and every step. Stop being a slave to someone else's system. Find yourself and find your own.
The first thing I do is see where your emotions reside. Have you left them in their "factory settings" position outside your body, or have you pulled them inside your body? I give you easy step by step instructions on how to get them out of your body, and methods to keep them there. This dramatically changes your life for the rest of your life. Every decision you make is from the position of observation. You are not stuck. You can finally control your emotions 100% successfully. How much time would that save you in a week? Think about how productive you could be with just that one change in your life.
Are you connected to anyone or anything in an unhealthy manner? Some people call it attachments or cords. I teach you how to cut your own cord, and also how to help the person you just cut off. You will completely understand how to protect yourself from this ever happening again. This method allows for complete freedom for you, and a healthy boundary for those that attached to you. You will have an understanding of healthy and unhealthy relationships.
If you have put any blocks in place to inhibit or outright stop yourself, I will help you to locate and remove them. I will also assign you homework (voluntary of course) to rid yourself of all blocks you have in place.
Have you ever said, "I sound just like my mother!" You held on to programs your parents put in place that do not honor or serve you. I show you how to find and remove them. Relationships usually improve after the removals.
Dwaine Hartman is the expert, having 20+ years experience working with you all in fixing the unfixable. He has taught me a few techniques in helping someone with their inner child work. I have 10 months experience, and can help you on that level. If you need serious help, please book a session with Dwaine. I can help you with you basic inner child work in my sessions. I will teach you the technique so you can do it in your own time to save money.
As you can see, I teach you so many things that you start adding tools to your toolbox. When you are finished with the session you will have more that 5-10 new tools you can use to keep improving yourself and others. I do not give you a pill to help you forget you need to dig a hole. I give you a shovel and motivation so when you dig the hole you will be happy, healthy, organized, energized, fulfilled, creative, prepared, confident, successful and independent.
If you have runaway thoughts or compulsive thinking, I will teach you simple, quick and easy techniques to stop the madness. You take control over your issues. You can successfully stop and completely control out of control behavior. You just haven't been given the right techniques or tools yet. You say you've tried everything? Every person I see has tried everything, and finally they found something that works. None of the hype and all pure fundamentals. No one will tell you I did it for them. They worked and fixed themselves. I am so proud of each and every one of them.
If you have any thoughts that are dominating your life, I will teach you a simple way to bring your problems down to size and be functional again. Only do this if you are ready. You will have to work, but the little you work will pay off more than you could ever dream.
I have found that a lot of you are stuck in thought patterns. These are not implants, but habits you created to make your life easier. It is actually a lazy way to live life. That turns into an unfulfilled life. After you create a thought pattern, you create words to support it. You also put a guard in place so you won't hear yourself telling you how awful you are. You talk to yourself and degrade your character. You won't acknowledge you are actually telling yourself that. I help you to change that.
OH... I also remove your alien implants. I teach you an easy method to remove yours and the implants from other people. Want to remove implants from your pets, and children? I will show you how. I help you create a shield that will last the rest of your life. Strong shielding is the key to maintaining anything you do. Remember, if someone tells you this is complicated, they are lying or trying to manipulate you. A baby naturally breaths when it is born. If it's more complicated than that then it's probably not natural. The more steps to a system the more money they make. See if they teach you independence and creativity. Do they tell you to question everything you learned, even from them?
Change your direction. Change your mind. Choose to love. Choose to live. The day you stop pulling your emotions inside your body is the day you start living. You make the choice. It won't work if you don't determine that it will. You are driving your ship. Where are you headed? If you can't remember, I will show you where to remember. It's sailing. Let's get to work.
Kelli Coffee
Kelli In The Raw
The Raw Revolution
Kelli On The Rocks
Chef In A Bottle
July 05, 2016


Are you a Master?

Wherever you are on your spiritual path, make sure to always be growing. Enjoy fully, but don't get stuck.
What is a master? A master is someone who has done something so long that they can't see any other way to do it.
Don't ever master anything in life.
Live fully.
Love fully.
Listen fully.
Share fully.
Kelli Coffee
Jack Of All Trades But Master Of None
July 01, 2016


YouTube Update! I am coming back! Yay!

This is so exciting! I am going through my notes from the past 3 months of self development, and I have some awesome topics to discuss when I come back. So many of you inspired me to teach you more! I can't give literal credit to those who inspired me because they are a client, and I cannot disclose their identity. You know who you are!
Here are some topics:
Open Your Third Eye
Chakras: Basics, sharing with other lifetimes, what they really are, how to remove them yourself, how to go around them if you still have them.
Using your filter to view the world. Understanding how you do that, and how to turn your filters off to get an accurate view of the world.
Trust: I will be discussing the trust levels you might want to have with any entity. The focus will be on trusting yourself (higher) first and then levels of trust as you trickle down the dimensions. You see how your life not only gets messed up by trusting people inappropriately, but by giving your power over to them. It is no different with entities. This is not fear driven, but a healthy way to interact with those that share this universe and beyond.
Emotions: How to move them around and put them where they belong. Easy step by step instructions.
How to get rid of compulsive thoughts.
How to stop an overwhelming thought and become functional again.
Of course I will be sending you LOADS of energy!!!
Holographic Existence: I will attempt to explain how we are all in a holographic bubble stored in a row and a column. This will be done mainly with pictures and drawings. You will understand why you can take a 1 mile jog and go nowhere. Don't worry. You wanted and asked for this experience. You are there because you chose to be there.
Timelines: Repair, manipulation, time travel, how it all works.
What is Oneness? Are we really all one? What does that mean?
Visualization: Need I say more? Tried and true ways to visualize and manifest.
Microchip: Seeing into the future. What will happen and when.
How to change your future.
How to change your contracts.
How to find the Akashic records, and how to use them.
All Seeing Eye: How to use the all seeing eye to even the playing field with those who have been using it a long time. Where to find it and how to use it.
The Mandela Effect Explained
Passing the pain barrier to achieve your goals.
New Auras! What I see on a lot of people now since the energy shift!
What is time? Pictures!!! What does time look like?
Healing: How to.
How to get rid of pain.
How to start and run a successful business.
How to see through people on television.
How the television programs you.
How to make yourself invisible to those looking to harm you. How to hide from those attacking you.
What is God Consciousness really? Are you having trouble doing it because of the name? I will show you how to get into the highest aspect of yourself easily. I will also show you how to keep expanding and increasing your level of awareness.
Broadcasters: What are you all doing? What are you sending out? The answers are here!
The strange energy around Guru's, motivators, psychics and those under the control of the establishment.
Closing portals.
How did the bible get it's codes?
Cooking show: How to cook healthy and create your own, healthy fast food.
What is truth?
What is a middleman, and why it's better to trust in yourself.
Knowing you are god.
Beams, rays and other tools of the matrix.
Reptilians: What they are doing to us and how to get rid of them for good!
How to use simple techniques to increase the energy you are working with, like simply spinning it. Other techniques to multiply energy.
Spices! They will be out soon!
Love you guys! I can't wait to come back to see you!
Kelli Coffee
June 30, 2016



If you want to be notified when we get the Chef In A Bottle Universal Seasoning and the Cajun Blackened Seasoning in the store, just leave us your e-mail address and Amber will let you know!
Kelli Coffee
June 29, 2016


Freedom is in yourself!

Don't buy into the concept of having to be saved by something outside of yourself.  What has taken away your freedom?  From what or whom are you being saved?  Knowing you chose this life, the only freedom you really need is from yourself.  Nobody can do that buy you.  Now do you see why that has never worked?  

Trust in yourself.  You can change your path, and alter your chosen route.  

I can show you how.  Not in a way to save you.  I introduce you to yourself so you can be sovereign and free.  Then you can modify your own path...or even change the stars.  

All I do is remind you the freedom is in yourself and was always there. 


June 28, 2016


Do you have a question for Kelli?

Do you have a question for Kelli?  She will be choosing questions you send in and posting the answers on the blog.  

This is Q&A blog style!  

Send in your questions to 

June 28, 2016


New Energies!

NEW ENERGIES! Are you feeling it?
I am sure you have been experiencing these new energies I have felt for about 5 days now. When I close my eyes I see a wave from the side of the planet, different energy coming from the sun and also from the planet. This is a lot to take in.
I was not prepared since I was doing sessions all day, every day. I experienced negative "side effects". I have since changed my frequency to adjust to the new energies. I guess I will just have to put that on my list of things to do every day.
Let me know if you have the same "side effects" or if yours were different.
Unable to Sleep
Lack of Care or Give a Crap
Coordination Issues (Seriously! Dropping and knocking over everything.)
Memory Loss
Time Distortions
Upset Stomach almost every day
Intestinal Distress
Hearing Issues (Can't control volume)
Feeling of Non Reality
Muscle Soreness and Tightness
Forgetting Who I Am
Horrible Allergies
Unable to Control Body Temperature
Aversion to Foods I Always Eat
Craving Animal Protein
Raised Level of Psychic Abilities (Info Bleeding In)
Awareness of Access to More Knowledge (Not under control)
Feeling Like I Am Living In A Bubble
Deep Awareness of Video Game-See Glitches
Easy to Manipulate Shared Reality
Mandela Effect (Not Knowing Who Is Dead or Alive)
I Can "See" Timelines Now-Not Under Control
Clear Seeing Energies in 3D Air (Smart Meter/Cell Phones/Military Transmissions Appear as Waves)
Gravity Distortions
Frequent Headaches
Thirsty Thirsty Thirsty
Ability to Tolerate More Pain
Easily See Into Other Dimensions and Densities
Confusion of Which Reality I Am In
Seeing 4-5 Realities At One Time
I think you can see by my symptoms that psychic abilities have been increased. What is easier for you now?
It appears we will be experiencing this for up to 8 more days. It will be ok. This is necessary. Roll with it. Go with the flow. Balance your frequency to the new energies. This will be over soon!
Love you!